It’s been a while since I found myself typing away at a new blog post here on WordPress…

I had a different domain then, back in April, and have kept it around for reference and memory, but no longer want anyone to see what I have done. Those posts now serve as lessons that will help me to improve and define myself with a fresh start. I want to make a second serious attempt at developing a space where I can upload the worthwhile moments of my life and feature my best writing. I’m feeling optimistic about this, and plan to document my life over time, with no expectations for the “results”.

This site is not currently a source of income. I want to express my uncensored thoughts, devoid of alternative motives like sponsorship. My last blog was wrecked by the hope of turning my writing into profit before I had a solid base and consistent upload schedule. I became too overwhelmed to upload because I wanted it to be “good enough” to gather those tasty views.

I also lost motivation after I connected to my personal Facebook account and started advertising my posts to my friends and family and not-so-close contacts. This was the worst move of all. I started regretting references I’d made to people in my life, because now those very people could read what I’d said about them! I became so self-conscious about the personal stuff I was uploading that I had to get very vague with it so as not to offend anyone or give out too much info or raise anyone’s pointless concern.

All in all, I think the best approach for me to develop on here is to not expose myself too early before I really know what I want my blog to be and before I can be really proud of it. Before I can take any advise or criticism, I need to be able to defend my work.

And that is that. On to learning and development!

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