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So I’ve been having some interesting dreams lately. Random things that don’t make any sense. Like this morning: I woke up still seeing the image of 2 large, round “Tide” logos on the tops of my feet. I’m going to attempt to recall the pieces I can remember from this bizarre and rapidly fading dream…

I’m a student in what feels like middle school. We’re lined up in these long rows. There’s a loud angry man yelling to the long lines of children. He’s also bald. He says something along the lines of:

“I like this [certain kind of] hat, and anyone who doesn’t wear it can go home”

Then most of the kids cheer. I feel the urge to comply with this “logic” of how cool this hat is and cheer him on. Instead, I hear myself reject his idea, concerned that this random guy is going to decide what we wear or make us leave. So I start going

“Whoa whoa whoa”

pretty loudly, along with a few other confused people. Upon hearing that a few of us in the ranks disagree with him, he somehow calls out each person who spoke against him and tells them to follow him. I pretend I wasn’t a part of this group until he says:

“Hey, Tide Pod. I’m talking to you”

Not sure why he’s saying that, I turn away and try to ignore him until it is very obvious he is talking to me. He ushers me and the other rebels through a door and sits me in a chair, apparently for questioning. I assume he wants to know why I yelled out in protest against this whole hat controversy, but things don’t get that far.

He’s trying to remember my name, saying that he knows it but just can’t think of it. Then I question his nickname of “Tide Pod”, to which he replies by pointing to my shoes. I look down at my feet, and sure enough there’s these big round Tide logos printed on the tops of my feet. The dream ends with me confused as to how I could be wearing such a thing and not know about it until now…

My alarm goes off across the room

Now, I recorded all this in an attempt to interpret what it all means…

The first thing to note is that I can remember similar dreams in which I agreed with someone saying they liked something, even blindly chanting along like some sort of cultist. But this time was different. I saw through this random bald guy’s delusions and decided to speak up against it. It concerns me that I have the memory (or think I do, because you never know with dreams) of going along with the mob mentality. It brings me back to high school pep rallies. My highly “spirited” school had so many “cheers” we would chant about our opponents the day of a game. That’s where the just-go-along-with-it mentality comes from. Which is an awful thing to teach to easily-manipulated teens.

School teaches you to sit down and shut up. To follow directions. Not to think for yourself or get too creative. (At least my rural, conservative-ass high school was like that, where everyone is on first and last name basis with everyone else).

Once you leave the small world of high school, people will continue to manipulate you for their own benefit. You can develop this thought pattern of doing what other people tell you and never make up your own mind on things just because it’s easier.

I think a lesson to be taken away from this is to just stand up for yourself. In other countries people have a much more difficult time of doing this, and we are extremely fortunate to have the protection of free speech, where we’re not persecuted for what we believe, or what happens in the bedroom. It’s extremely important to keep a hold of your personal beliefs and individuality and not let anyone take them away from you, through intimidation or other means. Don’t just go with the crowd to avoid being seen.


I made a resolution this year to stand up for myself, so maybe it’s just floating around my head and resurfacing in bizarre dream scenarios. Who knows…

As for the whole “Tide Pod” name and imagery, I’m going to just leave that up to randomness. [This post is not sponsored by Tide btw].

What I remember from my other scattered dreams from the night was me setting up a couch inside a grocery store aisle and trying to live there…

Happy Thursday, Everyone  Mr-400x400



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