Creating Again

Next thing I make, food or otherwise

will be posted here

It may be a new beauty product I try out, like those bath bombs I’ve been putting off because I keep forgetting to buy citric acid. The kit came with the dyes and intructions, but not the baking soda and citric acid. So that’s next on my list…

I made chapstick for the first time, and that was a huge success and super simple. I bought a case of 50 containers and gave away a lot of free samples. Maybe I’ll make them cooler and charge for them in the future. I made a facial moisturizer that I’ve stopped using for my face, but which could still work as a great lotion as it has olive oil in it. I also made a coffee scrub that is suuuuuper easy and feels great on your hands and maybe your face if it’s not super sensitive.

And I cook from my own imagination sometimes, so I could upload my results with pictures and such.

But yeah, I decided that I want put my creativity to use soon and get back to posting about what I do and think because damn it – it’s fun and makes me feel good!

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