Cabin Living

My boyfriend and I recently moved into a one-room cabin, and I’m taking on the challenge of making it livable. Here I will post updates of the process of getting my living space in order, one unpacked box at a time. I have a lot of organizational ideas I want to implement – like utilizing the wall space more efficiently with shelves, storing dry food in jars and things along the lines of what you’d see on a Pinterest post.


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I know that I wouldn’t be able to pull off a minimalistic style, nor do I intend to right now in my life. However, I am becoming more aware of and intrigued by maximalism in the sense of filling up every available space. This seems to be the way to go in terms of tiny house living, with pots and pans hanging from the ceiling, shelves of jars and books dominating the wall space, and collapsible furniture. I’m not near the point of maximum efficiency yet, but I’m excited to learn how to use up space in new ways.

I already feel more at home here than I did with a full-sized house. That may be due to the fact that this is the closest thing we’ve ever had to our own space; we also have 2 cats that help to bring the environment together nicely. I already feel attached to this little fixer-upper in a way I haven’t been able to connect to previous rentals. Our place has a rustic feel to it with the wooden walls and ceiling and rural setting, which is a better foundation for a cozy style than the bleached box of a basic, modern apartment.  It’s different here because our landlords are my boyfriend’s parents, so we have a little more freedom to make some improvements to the place. And there’s a LOT to do that I hope to write about in the future as we start tackling some painting and construction projects. I see potential in this little Love Shack of ours.

I’m feeling enthusiastic about making this new place of ours into more of a home. It’s already getting me back into my writing too! I just needed to define a focus for my work – and what better focus than my day-to-day life?

See you soon with more updates 😊

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