some ramblings from a sunny hammock

Why is money so elusive…

It seems that some people can do nothing and make more of it than they can handle, while others toil away for nothing.

Why have an hourly job anyway? If you can find a way to make just enough to buy the necessities, why work yourself to death if you don’t have other people to provide for? It’s all a waste of time. Find the lowest possible income you have to earn to survive, and leave the rest of your time open to wonder and wander.

What’s the use in having a huge excess in the bank, to never be used? I think it mostly just makes us feel good to know we have more than we immediately need. That we have options.

Is it just the ability to live below our means that keeps us alive? As long as you can spend just a little less than you earn, you’re set. I feel like the ability to save is found in just denying yourself small indulgences. Do you really need that snack or T-shirt right now, or could you honestly go without? You just have to find ways to entertain yourself that don’t cost anything. Just stay home. Read a book off your shelf. Watch a movie. Sketch some nature. Ponder your existence.

Just live on air and water. It must be possibly with a specific application of chemistry, right? Why spend money on fuel for your body when you just have to go back to the grocery store and put more money into it, over and over and over again?

Lying here in this hammock looking up at the slowly drifting clouds has me pondering these things. My mind is roaming and I feel generally unattached to the general mish mash…

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