Property Restoration Day

To celebrate Independence Day, we freed our land of junk this weekend.

My boyfriend’s parents have lived in their home for over 20 years and have had various tenants over the years. Behind their house and in the garage became a dumping ground to those who don’t even live here anymore.

Today was the day they rented a 15 yard by 4 feet dumpster and began to finally dig themselves out of this landfill. And with us living in the cabin behind the house, we were able to help them clear this place out.

It was so satisfying to see the difference we made to the place. To remove all the toxins leaching into the ground and see bare earth again. I wish I had a before and after picture to show all that we accomplished, but I’m sure you can picture rusting and decomposing yard waste pretty well. To see the end result is satisfying enough for me.

Being OCD and wanting to really cleanse the area, I still might go back out there to sweep the area of all the tiny pieces of debris left. But I have to tell myself that we’ve done good today by cleaning this land so it can heal. I feel so accomplished and like I’ve celebrated my freedom appropriately this year by responsibly managing the land I live on. By helping others. Righting the wrongs done in the past. Spreading good karma and being a part of something larger than myself.

To really tie this project into this holiday’s theme: if we could all participate in acts that help others and our planet, find satisfaction in a job well done, then we can make this place we live a little more enjoyable.

Enjoy your freedom this holiday weekend. The freedom to be as wild and reckless as possible. We truly live in an amazing country and would not know many of the luxuries we take for granted if we lived somewhere less bountiful. I’m not that patriotic usually, but I can say I’m thankful for the freedoms I enjoy on a daily basis. Sometimes I need a reminder to realize how blessed I am just to live where I do.

Happy 4th!


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