In an attempt to organize my dry ingredients, I’ve transferred what I had in Winco bags to some cute little jars.

When we first moved in, I just stowed away all my bags in a long narrow bin under my bed.

Pretty messy.

It worked for a bit. But when I found the time, I went through the tedious process of transferring this dry food into jars.

Not only is it more visually appealing, but it also fills the space better, is more packable, and just makes the place feel more cosy than those unsightly bags. I can display my food nicely, rather than hide it in a storage bin. Plus this protects the food better than the flimsy bags that could rip and cause even more of a mess. Now I have space under my bed for more of my things that need a place.

Now I can use those empty bags for garbage bags for my small trash cans, and won’t waste any food that spills from rips in the flimsy bags. These ingredients will also keep longer when stored in glass containers, rather than jars. This small swap is moving my kitchen closer to zero waste Mr-400x400

That’s pretty much it for today. Just wanted to get back into it with a small Cabin Living update. More coming soon with all the developments to our situation…

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