so, i’m kinda getting married…

Yes, my boyfriend of 3 years has proposed, and I will take an oath and change my name on May 5th, 2021. We’ve already started a life together as we’ve lived together for years and we act like a married couple already, but this celebration of us will be the last step in growing closer. No holding back now!

For a long time, I really didn’t want to get married. I didn’t believe in it, and would say “marriage is a trap”, “there’s no reason to get married”, and “it’s just a piece of paper”. But I had a revelation about our relationship: we’re already married, we just haven’t told the rest of the world yet. Plus, I’m over not being taken seriously as a couple. It’s like we shouldn’t be living together if we aren’t married. I know that’s an old, traditional way of thinking about things, but I can still feel it persisting today.

Saying “my fiancĂ©” and eventually “my husband” are weird to get used to, but I’m ready to take on this new phase of life. We aren’t the perfect couple, and we put this off for a long time because of money. It’s a lot to plan and sometimes it’s kinda scary to think about. I barely feel mature enough to do this big of a thing and I have no idea what I’m doing. But I still want to go through with this, because neither of us know how to live without each other anymore. And ya know, some other important reasons too….

So I’ve decided to upload some things here about my process of preparing for my wedding day, still over a year away 🙂