Decisions, Decisions…

There are so many things a bride has to decide before her wedding day. Being in these shoes myself for the first time, it’s all starting to hit me…

Not only do I have to decide what I and everyone else wears, but who’s even gonna be there, what we eat, where the hell it’s gonna be, what kind music will be played and when, who’s taking pictures and organizing things, what the cake looks like, what kind of decorations I want, how long the ceremony will last, what kind of dance I do, etc…. (end of my thinking capacity for all the planning that’s required here).

I thought I had a few concrete details decided on, but everything has sub-categories I also have to figure out. I want an outdoor, woodsy, almost rustic style. Basically enchanted forest. With sunflowers. The colors would be dark green, dark brown, and a sunflower yellow. I would like an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception once it gets later in the day. I don’t really want a poofy princess dress with a massive train. Something simple yet pretty. And I like the date May 1st, 2021.

That gives me a few guidelines to start with, but I don’t really know where I want to do it yet or what kind of food to have. Or a lot of the other stuff…

These are some of my current Pinterest inspirations for what I have decided on:

I really like this style for the invitations.
Sunflower seeds for party favors. Cheap, cute, and environmentally friendly.

I might even have a packet of sunflower seeds for planting alongside a packet of roasted sunflower seeds to eat for a his and hers thing. Clever and unique.

Some tree-ish ring holder ideas:

Anything of this sort would be perfect.
Some cake inspirations.

I want some type of bark looking cake with our initials carved into it. Most likely some mushrooms and moss around as well. Once I saw this idea I was immediately in love and knew that was just what I wanted.

This is what he wants to look like 🙂
And this is the dress I think I’m going to buy 🙂 I like the lacy, old-fashioned “bohemian style”. That’s what they call it.

So, those are just some of the decisions I’ve made so far into my wedding. I know it’s not that cohesive, with Enchanted Forest + sunflowers (in May, which isn’t really their season…) + my bohemian dress… I just feel like it’s me. That’s obviously what I want to achieve overall.

And these few style choices I’ve made are just the building blocks of many more choices I have coming up. Like, where to buy this stuff and how to make it and all that. At least I have 2 May’s from now to plan!


Better get used to that date and holding it n in my mind forever haha

I’m pretty sure I know who I want in and at the wedding. My next step is finding where to do it. I need to find a remote location hopefully for free where I can have a small ceremony that leaves no impact on the surrounding area. The reception can be larger indoors where we can put up lights and the food tables and have a dance floor and all that fun stuff.

I’m going to be 24 when I get married, which means I don’t have tons of money right now to spend on fancy stuff. I’ll probably do a potluck to keep it simple and inexpensive. Donations and handmade things are essential here. This will be a group effort, and I am hoping for a low-key yet elegant result.

I feel like young brides these days are letting go of the old traditions that say you need to spend a ton of money to have a good wedding. Simplicity is key here to not getting overwhelmed.

Maybe I can incorporate this somewhere into the decor to reinforce what I’m going for.

I’m not paying any professionals or renting expensive stuff. The amount of time I have to prepare for this will allow me to really spread out the expenses and make this a manageable event. I actually haven’t spent any money on the wedding yet, but as soon as I catch up from my crazy shopping spree on Christmas, I’m going to start buying supplies bit by bit. And try to hold onto my vision of what I want it to end up like with all the outside influence from all the women in my life. These kinds of events get everyone excited and leads to all kinds of “advice” that I’m kinda starting to drown in. More on that later.

This year is going my year to prepare. Hopefully my mind will be a little more at ease once I’ve gotten more things checked off my list and most importantly decided on!

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