Back Up!

I just realized that I never talked about the books I got for Christmas! Two very exciting paperbacks:



After falling for this author when I read his Norse Mythology, I am ready to be taken away by this one. Set in an underground Labyrinth beneath London, this one seems darkly alluring already. One day I would like to own some of his other works like American Gods, Stardust, and Coraline.



I’ve wanted to own this book for so long that I forgot I wanted it. Following the story line of the characters from the most beloved books of all time, this playscript  delves into the life of Harry as a father. It’s funny that I got this as a present because I don’t own the complete seven-book set yet. I own The Chamber of Secrets, The Half Blood Prince, The Deathly Hallow, maybe the Goblet of Fire… I do plan to own them all one day, once I clear out some space from reading some of the other random books I have.

And that’s about all I have for today, until I have more to write about these beauties when I get to reading them!



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