Getting Excited and Maybe a Little Impatient

With such nice weather in this area, I can’t help getting excited about moving back up to our little stabbin-cabin behind the house. This summer we have some plans for adding a room and improving our little shack in general, but for now the electricity and water are still shut off up there. I couldn’t imagine staying up there overnight yet, as there’s no way of heating the place and it still gets below freezing at night here. And I have a lot of work to do before we can even get to the crucial stuff…

I’ll admit it: I’ve kinda been using the cabin as my winter storage shed. Everything that felt like it was taking up too much space in the bedroom we’re staying in was thrown up there. I have stacks of book and bags of mismatched stuff and other random odds and ends all over the place. Today I did a little organizing by clearing off the bed at least and stacking my books in neat piles. It’s a long way from ready to be lived in again but at least I made some progress today.

I have to work by daylight because of the lack of electricity, but when the sun starts to go down it gets too cold to be in there anymore anyway. I kind of enjoyed going without the basics that we take for granted. Like when you go camping and can’t just flip a switch to see at night or lift the faucet handle to use clean water. It would take some serious adjustments to permanently go without these modern amenities, because it’s even an adjustment to not have internet access when I’m up there. I’m such a millennial…

This is the state of our one-room cabin that we wish to make livable again once it’s not so cold. I just wanted to get a before and after view of the work I did today so that I could feel good about it:

Before, even though I’ve already worked on this mess a bit since winter. It’s still pretty bad though…
And after. I pretty much just cleared off the bed and moved the shelf over more. But it was a good step to make today.
I also took the bins out from under the bed and put it back on the box spring on the floor. I find it a lot more comfortable and cosy that way. I just love this little corner of the room with the two  windows over the bed. Plus my sweet lil kitty was helping me clean ^_^

There’s a lot more to do, but seeing one cleared off space was really encouraging for me. I didn’t even let myself get overwhelmed by rearranging the other spaces in the cabin like the kitchen area or bathroom or closet. I made a simple goal, and I completed it. I’ll probably wait at least a week to do more work up there, as the air is absolutely freezing and I can’t turn on the water to clean anything because the pipes will freeze and break if we run water up there this early. I also need to get lots of shelves put up for more storage space, because everything’s in bins and boxes at the moment.

Once we add the bedroom and all our belongings don’t have to fit into one room, I’m gonna find a new place for the stuff I stored under the bed last year. I’d rather have the bed resting on the ground and not create a place for the cats to hide and get stuck. Plus I lose clothes under there and I just don’t like to think about how grimy it gets under there. Ew!

One step closer to having some personal space and not living down in the house with my in-laws anymore. I love them lots, but I’m ready for them to be my neighbors and not roommates. We all need our space and privacy. Plus the bathroom is much closer to the bed in the cabin haha.

I’m trying not to be too impatient for the transition, but with the weather makes it feel like spring is just around the corner (hence my recent post, Is It Spring Yet?).  I’m counting the days to be alone in my own environment. The older I get, the more I enjoy silence and solitude. That may seem sad to some people, but to me it sounds like such a relief to not have to interact with or do anything for anyone for a moment. Just soak up the sun in peace and recharge. Oh, my introverted tendencies…

I need to just accept the present for what it is and not rush the spring and summer, because when they are here it’s gonna be so hot that I’ll wish for fall to come sooner! The seasons each have something about them to appreciate, like the great thing about this week is that I can enjoy the sunshine without sweating my ass off because the air is still cool.

I need to get more in tune with the wheel of the year and accept its role in my life.  Sun needs the dark for balance, just as I need to find my own balance and be present in this moment.

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