Changing My Pace

I’m changing things up around here.

I’ve found it increasingly difficult to keep to a consistent posting schedule with my current “Booky” theme. I just can’t read fast or often enough to be able to finish at least one book per week, and preferably even more.

What I’m going to do is get a little more personal on here. I initially branded this site as a lifestyle blog, and that’s going to be more of what I write about in posts to come. I’m going to stick to a few main topics so that I’ll be able to sort them into my menu categories.

I’m thinking about having these categories, to start with:

  • Books
  • Plants
  • Natural Things – finding natural alternatives to everyday products and getting closer to zero waste (I’m most excited about starting to talk about this kind of stuff because it excites me and I already have a few ideas on stuff I can write about :D)
  • My Mind
  • Seasonal Posts
  • Cabin Living – the improvements we make to our living space as we develop it
  • And other big pieces of my life that I can dedicate more than one post to

I’m hopeful that this change of writing about more than books will help me to find more interesting things to write about and share with others. I was getting a little bored of basically just doing book reports on my site, with little filler posts to keep the content coming. Now the boring book reports will only be a side topic and easily skipped over 🙂

Also, it’s the first day of Spring, y’all!!

This is the earliest Spring Equinox in 124 years!

It’s nice to get my mind off this state of altered reality, and I know that this is a crucial time to put positive things into the world so I want to give that my best attempt. I don’t believe this will last forever, or even until late summer. With the measures we’ve taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, I’m feeling good about it’s decline. I just have to remind myself to stay patient and adaptable, knowing that


Much love  playing-card-heart-png

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