Little Swaps

Does anyone know what day it is? I sure don’t anymore. They all blend together in the fog of time…

And no, I’m not talking about plants here, even though I’ll probably be starting some seeds this weekend.

Now that I’ve dedicated a category to ‘Natural Things’, I’m going to talk about the small green changes I’ve made already in the pursuit of zero waste and sustainability. Writing about it will potentially encourage me to make more natural, non-plastic swaps so that I can proudly post about them.

The first positive change I made was cutting up some old T-shirts for rags.

Black, white, and tie-dye!

I just took some old, stained, worn out shirts doomed for the landfill and cut them into squares to use for cleaning. They’re smaller than normal wash rags, so they don’t take up as much space. And there’s plenty of them, so I’m not gonna run out any time soon. Plus the colors are so fun!

These eliminate the need for paper towels and cleaning wipes, which I don’t buy anymore. Both come in plastic and are single-use. I can use these for simple things like dusting or wiping off the table, and they go into the laundry instead of the trash. They’re especially useful right now for disinfecting my house without buying and using up tons of single-use products to do so. You can even blow your nose with them or wipe your –OK! let’s not get too crazy here…

I also made a zero waste swap in my beauty routine by purchasing some reusable cotton rounds.

I’ve had these for a few months, and they’ve held up really well.

They even came with a conveniently sized laundry bag that I can put them in when dirty so they don’t get scattered and lost in the wash. I’ll need to buy more eventually just so that I don’t run out between laundry days.

I use them mostly for removing makeup, which I haven’t been wearing as much lately (so I guess that’s another positive natural choice). They also work for getting off nail polish, and it actually washes out pretty well. I use the same 2 I’ve dedicated to that so that I don’t ruin the smoothness of all of them.

I love their smoothness and high quality, and they actually work way better than the disposable cotton balls or rounds. They feel quite nice on my skin. And they add more color to my bathroom than just basic white cotton.

And this last one might be a bit of a stretch: my dry-erase monthly calendar.


It may not seem exactly ‘natural’ at a glance, but it does replace throw away calendars and numerous pieces of paper to write down my ever-changing schedule on. Much more sustainable to just erase the months as they go by instead of having to buy new calendars. The only waste involved is the markers that dry out after months and months of use.

Plus, I’ve had this for at least 3 years, so it’s already replaced 3 paper calendars. That’s 3 calendars x 12 months, which = 36 calendar pages! Not a whole lot in terms of one person, but if calendars were reusable, that saves the paper and plastic and ink used to come out with a new edition every year. Yeah, bit of a stretch with this one because there’s a lot of wasteful habits that people could change first that would make a bigger difference immediately than buying one calendar a year…

But I suppose everything that reduces waste helps a little Mr-400x400

My long-term goal is to approachZero-Wastein all its beauty,

but I’m still far from it. Instead of letting that discourage me, I’m just going to continue to get excited about the small, simple changes that I can make to my everyday life right now and appreciate that I am making an effort to change.

Mr-400x400Hope this post finds you well. Stay sanitized and sane out there ppr00501-4_6_2tea

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