Moving In

We are finally transitioning back into the cabin! We fixed the hot water heater, hooked the pipes up, and turned the electricity back on. A fridge and cook stove are on their way, and we will soon be able to get internet set up as well. The only thing left after all that is to set up heating, but that won’t be on our minds for quite a while. I took some pictures of what I’ve done with the place, as a starting point for many more improvements to come.

This is the current setup of our mini bathroom. I want to add some wall shelves to allow for multiple storage opportunities, but this is as set up as I can get it at the moment.


And the bathroom window, with my incense and lotions on display, and easily accessible.


This is the center of the room right now.


Yeah. Doesn’t look great, but it’s a lot closer to livable than it has been. This is also before any major organizing or setting up. The important thing this picture shows is that I uncovered the table (and then covered it again) so that we can eventually eat at it. We’ve never had a “dinner table” anywhere we’ve lived in the past, just ate at couches and coffee tables. This some real fancy livin right hur!

This is my kitchen window, featuring my jars of ingredients and the small amount of plants I have at the moment. The plan here is to get shelves above the window where I can keep my mugs and spices and jars of things. I also want to completely deck this cabin out with plants and greenery!


This is the new setup of the “kitchen”. The microwave, toaster oven, and blender are actually accessible now. When the fridge comes in, this will have to change, but I wanted to get it to a better state for now. I just like having something to do.


The table was completely buried under mounds of junk and nothing made sense.


I replaced the table with a dresser, hooked up all the appliances, and made everything usable.

The microwave will likely stay in place even when I have to rearrange everything to fit the fridge in.

This is my only full-sized bookshelf, which is absolutely packed. It feels like an essential part to the house, tucked into the corner of the room, left of the “kitchen”. I guess I could call it my little “library”, and is the most I can manage with the space I have.


All my other books are piled into a large box by my bed.


I have a small bookshelf still down in the main house that should fit most of these, but the ultimate goal is to get the collection down a bit more so it can truly fit comfortably within the space I have for it. There’s many here that I’ve never even read. The last one I reviewed was Just So Stories; the last one I gave away was The Messengers of Death (if you want to read about how bad that book was…).

And yeah, that’s about it for today. Just wanted to do a little update of where things are, and get some pictures in before I make some major changes. Really excited for that fridge and stove top to show up. And to just improve this little sanctuary of ours day after day.

Have a good one



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