I Made a Garden!

This Saturday I cleared and prepared a new area for a vegetable garden! Very exciting day for me. I’ve never had space I could renovate before living here. With our cabin and the area around it, we have so much potential for improvements!

This space had been unused for a while. Years ago, there was actually a swimming pool in this spot, so my landlords/in-laws brought in a bunch of sand to this spot. This weekend I decided that I was going to make something out of this little patch of sand. Once I got the “Ok” from our landlords, I went to work!

I’m so proud of myself for taking before-and-after pictures this time. And just proud that I completed something that I set out to do.

This is an above view that I took from the cabin’s porch. wp-15880211338607865272413991229958.jpg

And a side viewwp-15880211391582039856805379089225.jpg

Since we moved in last year, there’s been a picnic table sitting in this spot. I had just dragged it out of the way before taking this pic, to get a better view of the space I was working with. wp-1588021150914172431605609026985.jpg

It helped that I had some extra lumber laying around from another project to spark the idea in my mind. I wanted to reclaim a few of these pieces for borders. wp-15880213813338164328375085665155.jpg

I started by laying out the general idea of the dimensions I wanted, not really knowing the exact specifications yet. Then I raked up the leaves and other debris. wp-15880214767084961588855662047907.jpg

I used this blue tiller tool to break up the soil and loosen the big clumps of grass to get the spot cleared up.wp-1588021645119561880907647177700.jpg

The grass was easy to pull out once it was loosened from the ground.wp-1588022343336795559759555675254.jpg

Then I sat down and really ran my hands through the sandy soil to get the large rocks and the rest of the weeds out. At this point, I added another board down the center to have something to walk on to get to everything. I raked it all over again for a final sweep, and also to make it look nice for this picture.wp-1588022441348697524043139559133.jpg

I also distributed some compost over the top to slowly get the soil to a more nutritious level.wp-15880225465838912961994149234171.jpg

I’m so grateful for the effort I’ve put into composting as much as I could for about a year. It’s a free resource to add to my garden, and all it took was diverting some food scraps from the garbage and into a place where it can decompose naturally. Still a lot of work to go in the nutrient department, but we have some free cow manure we can get from a friend to work into the soil and get it prepped for planting.

I even moved my compost from the giant pot it’s been in all this time into corner of the garden, where it can really air out and return its nutrients back into the earth. I need to learn more about composting to really do it well. If I can get some worms in there, that’ll really speed up the process. wp-15880226823016124313168316683063.jpg

And the last thing I did Saturday was transplant some Oregano from my neighbor’s/in-laws’ garden into mine. I’ve heard it grows like a weed, so I figured it was a good start to my brand-new garden 🙂wp-15880227613021860626753051937902.jpg


And that’s where my dirty day of work ended!

I had so much fun doing this project. All elbow grease and dirt. It’s really healthy to do something physical like this. It’s good for your body to be moving and sweating, first of all. I’ve been sitting around way too much lately, and it was good to exert myself and get a good, cleansing sweat on.

It’s also great for your mental health to do simple, yet satisfying work. To feel accomplished by using your own abilities to see a task through till the end. And now I’ve created something that can be utilized and enjoyed for many years to come! I’m ready to see what I can grow and harvest this year! Mr-400x400

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