I just realized something…I have 2 copies of the same book!!!

This is what happens when I don’t sort through the books I have. After a while, I end up duplicating certain ones because I think I don’t have a book, but I just haven’t seen it in a while. Or I don’t realize that one book encompasses another. I don’t even know where or when I got either of these books, or even which came first!

Some people may find value in owning a small, portable version of Oscar Wilde’s works along with a massive volume of all of them, but not me. I’d rather let someone else enjoy a book I don’t need because I already have it in a different version.

I am glad to have found this redundancy in my collection, because now I can add another book to the list of ones that I got rid of this year. Now I’m at 6. That was easy!

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