Putting Books in New Places

Just thought I’d give an update of what I’ve been doing all this time (might be the first of a few “update posts”, including how I’ve rearranged the cabin and how my plants are thriving :))

The first part of this project was prioritizing my main bookshelf by the front door. I had just crammed as many books as possible into it before, but now it is designated for all the books I know I want to keep: the series I love and other books I cherish.

It went from cramped and unsightly to neat and organized 🙂 it’s brighter and more colorful now too!

I haven’t completed my Harry Potter collection after all this time; I only have 2,6, and 7 haha. I also need to buy the rest of the Series of Unfortunate Events and Septimus Heap series. But I will not allow myself to even think about buying more books until I get rid of a bunch more.

And speaking of a BUNCH of books…

(I guess it would have been more impressive if I put all my books on the bed at once, but I had a good enough amount to take a nice picture…)

THIS beautiful pile is sort of the reason I can’t fit any more books in my house. (I’ve also been moving constantly for years and years before I found my place at the cabin) I filled my entire bed with books, and this isn’t even all of them! Might not seem like much to a book collector, but it is much for a tiny house owner!

Now, I had to find a place for my lesser-known books to go that hadn’t earned their place on the high-and-mighty Bookshelf by the Door (so special it even gets its own color) These Strangers had just been stacked (in their words “thrown”) into a large square box and left to die. Now, as sad as that sounds, the real reason they had to vacate the Box is because my petite house does not have the storage capacity for a box of books in the middle of its bedroom/livingroom floor.


So, I found this old-fashioned filing cabinet and made myself a new shelf. I just took out the dividers to make the top one continuous shelf. It might have taken an ax and maul to do it, but it was a safe operation…


Then I laid down some of my maps to make a flat surface on the shelf, once I had swept out the dust and wood chips from the mini construction site of course


And Ta-da!


I feel pretty good about the work I did to get those books out of that box on the floor and out of the way. I had to double stack the top row because of how many there are, but it all fit. I also didn’t take out the dividers on the bottom shelf because 1) it was a looot of work with the top row, and 2) it looks kinda cool that way. I might decide I need extra room eventually and go to town on the dividers on the bottom, but for now – they stay.

So now I have two organized spots for my books to where they all fit on a shelf. I like having a system too: There’s the special books I know I’m not getting rid of on the Bookshelf by the Door, and the ones I need to read to see. Lots of random paperback science-fictions that I’m looking forward to. Also a lot of classics which I need to check off my list anyway because I need more literature culture as someone who says they read…

That’s about it for today. Hope you got something like joy out of me talking about some books.

It’s the simple things



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