Hmmm, What do we have here?

It’s very interesting to notice that this blog is still getting views. Like, what?? That’s so crazy! I’m flattered and flabbergasted all in one.

I’ve had quite some difficulty logging onto this blog this year. My “old” blog. Something to do with my internet not letting me load the site for some reason… These odd glitches in technology are beyond me. I’ve done a lot of research and changes to my settings to get the problem resolved but I haven’t had any success yet. Actually the only result that comes from trying to sort out the problem is a massive headache and an overwhelming feeling of defeat.

So, why use my own internet to post on here? I can use my phone’s data or other internet until the problem is resolved. I haven’t done this yet because of the huge mental block that this difficulty caused. I even made a domain on Squarespace to restart writing my life story there. But it just doesn’t feel the same as what I already had going. I just haven’t been able to write lately, which is a huge personal loss.

For those of you still reading this rambly internal monologue, I’m trying to say that this blog is still important to me and the reason I haven’t been posting all year is because of bizzare technical difficulties. I want to say that “I’m going to post more often now”, but I don’t want to promise anything. The last post on my Squarespace page says something like that, and I’m pretty sure that was months ago.

I have little connection to that page right now. It’s not like this blog. This site of mine tells a story. What I love most about it is looking back on what I’ve already recorded about my life. The things that matter to me. My first blog (Blog to Feel) was more about my journey with my mental health, that’s why it had that name, because I was writing/blogging to feel better about my heavy thoughts.

I’ve tragicly lost some of my writing flow through inactivity. You’d think with 2 blogs I’d be doing a lot more writing, but these past few months I have been utterly silent. Not that anyone out there is dying for an update on my simple little life, but writing is very important to me. It’s one of those things that I feel I can make something out of. Or at least one of my skills I can and should develop further, throughout my life.

You read a lot of bullshit online, everyday, because everyone has a voice but not everyone has a filter for quality or accuracy. I can look back at my own Facebook memories from years ago and tell you the same story. Absolute trash most of the time. Thats why I have such a difficulty posting regularly about my life on social media. It gets buried. It’s not interesting enough to be noticed. And my life doesn’t need to be put to the “interesting enough” test. It’s really not all that exciting anyway. But I believe that this platform, where people come to read and write and share on a more in-depth level, this is where I can really share the beautiful simplicities of a life lived on a smaller scale.

If you’ve read some of my posts on here, you know that I live in a small cabin with my boyfriend (well, fiancé actually, but I’m still not used to calling him that). And the story I want to tell on this blog is that of downsizing, simplifying, and making do with the space and resources we have. Eventually we’ll move to a regular house with a full stove and multiple rooms, but I enjoy the challenge of living in a smaller space. It really makes you take a closer look at what you own and prioritize what you’re going to bring into this limited space. I am forever getting rid of clothes and books and whatnot. More on that later…

I want to document the improvements we’ve made to our living space. Already, there are a boatload of potential posts for all the work we’ve done this year. If I can get my butt back into gear, I’m going to attempt to compile a nice and thorough sequence of upgrades. This little place was so different when we first moved in. With what we’ve accomplished already, it feels so much more like a home than it used to. I can’t even imagine how we managed before. And I know that I’ll look back on the way things are now with the same thought. It only gets better from here. That is, if we keep at it. We’ve been on a bit of a break with the improvement process, but hopefully posting about what we accomplish will encourage us to keep it up.

Ok, I think that’s about it for today. I just woke up this morning with an urge to get back into writing and see if I could break down this mental barrier I’ve had for some months now. It feels pretty great 🙂 hope to be back again soon with some solid content.

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