Welcome to my silly excuse for a blog.

I mostly write about living in a cabin, reducing my waste, plant stuff, and books. So I guess you could call this a Home and Garden blog.  But there’s also some other stuff in here too…

Every so often, I try to upload a 250 word “story” about a random object, to test my brain and keep the writing flowing. And I’ll try to give periodic updates of my garden situation as it grows and changes, mostly for my own amusement.

My goal this year is to give away 20 books, in an attempt to read every book I own and reduce my collection. I haven’t been reading the books I’ve taken in from thrift stores and other places for a few years, and my collection has a lot of odd ends and unknown works in it. To have a little more space in my tiny house, I am now attempting to reduce my collection by 20 books this year.

20 Books in 2020

Hope you enjoy what you find, and don’t take anything too seriously in life. I sure don’t. I’m just trying to

Live Simply


Think Deeply

Current state of my bookshelf 🙂